Monday, 5 December 2016


What better way to help your running schedule than with a visit to the local brewery? And even worse, squeeze in a 5k just before you visit said brewery. Talk about working up a thirst! Last Friday I headed over to the wonderful Boundary Brewery in East Belfast for one of their first Christmas Taproom tastings with some mates who equally love beer!

In the interests of research, I thought it was essential to taste most of the following beers...

  • Sour Bake 9.6%
  • Push & Pull 5.5%
  • D'etre Ultime 4.1%
  • Filthy Animal 5.4%
  • APA 3.5%
  • Sour Cherry Black IPA 5.0%
  • Push and Pull: Citra way to Amarillo 5.5%
  • Export Stout 7%

I can reveal they were all amazing*

Training is going ok. I'm still cautious of my calf but am getting some short runs in. My aim is to be able to complete 10k easily to start the 4 month programme on Christmas Day.

* I didn't parkrun on Saturday morning.